Ahhh it feels so good.  The exhilarating rush of writing books has taken over again!  For any of you who love to write you know exactly the feeling I’m describing. 

I experienced a year and a half of writer’s block.  I wanted to write, I tried to write, but just didn’t have the words in me.  Then one day, my mind focused sharply and my topics were clear.  All of a sudden I couldn’t write fast enough, the words were tumbling and jumbling their way out and two books were written.  The rush, the whirlwind and energy of creating left me buzzing.

I love the process of creating a book out of an idea.  Writing is the fun part, the crazy excitement!  Then come the long gloomy days of editing, where you rewrite, then change it back, then change the order, then the font, then change it back again, over and over.  At last the monotonous process is as complete as it can be for now, and the meticulous formatting begins.  The weeks fly by, and it is still exciting to be creating, but this part that feels like work to me.  Choosing a cover can be fun, but even then itsy-bitsy details can take ages to sort out.

It feels like an eternity before I am ready to order my proof, and even then I know I am still suppose to be wearing the hat of a scrupulous editor and keep my eagle eye focused on finding any sort of oversight…but I know I am getting closer to my finished product.

Soon I will be able to announce a launch date, and I will give you a few more details on the two books I have written which are soon to be published.  It feels so great to tell you, I am writing!

Just Havin’ Some Summer Fun 3

060Here goes, one of my favourite posts of the year, where I give you a run down of what songs are awesome this summer.  Here goes!  (Of course, please be advised of mature content and possible explicit lyrics)

6.)  Pharrell Williams- Happy

5.)  Pitbull ft Ke$ha- Timber

4.)  Enrique Iglesias ft Descemer Bueno and Gente De Zona- Bailando

3.)  Flipo- Doh Tell Meh Dat

2.)  Destra Garcia- Just a Little Bit

1.)  Pitbull ft Jennifer Lopez and Claudia Leitte- We Are One

If you want to take a trip down memory lane, here are the links from 2012 and 2013.

Let’s go dancing!


Re-Posting: ABC Jesus Loves Me Book Review and Giveaway!

It seems we had some problems with broken links and being able to open yesterday’s post from emails.  Now it has disappeared from my blog completely!  I sincerely apologize to all my readers and I am reaching out to my fellow WordPress followers- have any of you been having issues like the ones I encountered?  If you did please send me a message or leave a comment so I can take measures to be sure this doesn’t happen again.

I have been using ABC Jesus Loves Me with my own children and I just love how thorough and creative it is.  Our days are filled with learning through fun and play!

Heidi, creator of preschool curriculum ABC Jesus Loves Me and Our Out of Sync Life Blog, has kindly written a review of both Teddy Visits the Dentist and Teddy Gets a Filling and, for this week only, is doing a giveaway!  Share this link to enter to win your very own copies of The Teddy Visits the Dentist series!  Deadline is Sunday, June 15th.

Also see, ABC Jesus Loves Me Self Care Page for great ideas on teaching self care to your children.

2014 Writer’s Challenge: What is your legacy going to be?

What is your legacy going to be?

What will you leave behind, what will you be remembered for?  Is this how you want to be remembered?  What are you doing to make sure you will be remembered this way?  Are you building the legacy you want to be remembered by?  Are you living your life well?  Are you the person you want to be?  Are you the person you should be?

These are some questions to inspire you to write your submission for the first ever 2014 Writer’s Challenge.

The Mahadeo Movement is challenging you to take a good look at your life, truly be honest with yourself, and decide if you like what you see.  Decide now-

What is your legacy going to be?

If you would like your thoughts published, submissions can be emailed to:


Submission deadline is May 2, 2014

Make Your Smile Go A Mile!

A Minute With The Mahadeo Movement- All About Teddy Visits the Dentist

Visit any of these links to view A Minute With The Mahadeo Movement videos:

My Amazon Author Page

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Please see below for written copy:

Hi!  Welcome to A Minute With The Mahadeo Movement.  I am Elizabeth Mahadeo, Registered Dental Hygienist, Author and Your Healthy Life Leader!

An Honorable Mention at the New York Book Festival, Teddy Visits the Dentist was approved by Curriculum Services Canada (CSC) as a supplemental resource for dental health education.   

Teddy Visits the Dentist to have his teeth counted, cleaned and checked at the dental office.  He goes for a ride in the chair, sees the various instruments and learns what to do at home to keep his teeth clean. 

Each child learns differently so enhance your child’s reading experience with CSC approved Teddy Visits the Dentist worksheets.  Engage them in word search, true/false, fill in the blank and multiple choice questions. 

We all want the best for our kids and don’t want to see them in pain, so tough love now with dental health education will make a difference.  Let’s empower our children to Make Their Smile Go A Mile!

For a written copy of this video please visit emahadeo.wordpress.com

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Did That Just Come Out Of My Mouth? Part 2 Guest Post by Dr. Rich Butler

Oh no!  Back so soon?  Here is Dr. Butler, and he’s done it again!  A big welcome back to him and thank you for providing a humorous sequel to last year’s post Did That Just Come Out Of My Mouth


Dr. Richard Butler obtained his D.D.S. from Creighton University School of Dentistry in 1998.   He maintains a private practice in Wilmington NC, while still maintaining ties with the New Hanover Community Health Center of which he is the original Dental Director.  He is past-president of the Wilmington Tri-county Dental Society, past-member of the Cape Fear Community College Dental Hygiene Advisory Board, Adjunct Faculty member UNC-Chapel Hill DISC program, and volunteer dentist at Cape Fear Clinic, a non-profit clinic to the under-served.

“There ain’t no cure for stupid”, the saying goes.  And yours truly is a perfect example.  If you had the pleasure, or should I say morbid curiosity, of reading my last treatise regarding the horrendous, however innocent, things that come out of my mouth on a daily basis, then read on.  Believe it or not, I do not seem to learn from past transgressions in my daily discourse with the wonderful patients I see each and every day.  Regretfully for me, dentistry is not strictly “hello, how are you…open wide!”  It is in fact a dance to engage in a human connection.  This then translates into a relationship of trust which then allows for the dentistry to be done.  This requires dialogue, and for me it goes like this…

I’ve been seeing Joe for years now.  Joe is a great guy, who brings the girls flowers every now and then, and cards of thanks to show his appreciation…well, up until I made fun of his dad.  Let me explain.  Joe’s dad, let’s call him Bob, is getting up in years so Joe brings him to his appointments.  I walk into the operatory to greet Bob and I am immediately taken aback by this huge square gauze taped to the top of his head.  The whole time I’m evaluating and talking to him I can’t stop my eyes darting to it!  It turns out he had recently had some skin cancer removed from his head at the dermatologist.   So my evaluation is complete and I explain his dental condition and the multitude of options he has to address his needs.  Realizing I have probably overwhelmed him with options, while staring at the top of his head, I end my monologue with…”do you have any questions (pause, wince)…off the top of your head?”…did that just come out of my mouth? With that, I quickly exited the room, reprimanding myself silently.

In dentistry you learn very early on to be careful where your fingers are in someone’s mouth…’cause someone’s going to bite you!  Luckily I have very small hands with very short fingers, so they are rarely in the danger zone, however once in a while it can be a little close for comfort.  When it is a close call, this is a perfect opportunity to have some fun with the patient, embarrass them a little bit and threaten to put a note in the chart!  Patients love it and will always sheepishly laugh…well not always.  So the wonderful Linda is in the chair for her first visit with our office.  She’s had her teeth cleaned, x-rays taken, and is now having her comprehensive exam performed.  I’m checking this and checking that, and then we look at the way her bite comes together.  At this point I have Linda bite her teeth together, and with the speed and force of an 18 foot Everglades alligator she chomps down.  Holy crap! Luckily with my cat-like reflexes I just get my hands out of there.  I then jokingly exclaim, “you almost bit my thumb clean off!”  To which she immediately replies, “Like this!”  As I look up, I see my worst nightmare, I’m in shock.  Do I laugh at her wit, do I cry at my awful luck.  She’s holding up a hand with NO THUMB!  Are you kidding me, how can this be true…did that just come out of my mouth?  Almost speechless, I jokingly asked if she used to be a dentist…and I vaguely remember a joke about the clickers the contestants use in Jeopardy, then I slinked out of the room in another moment of shame.

I treat everyone in my practice and I love them all the same.  We have young, we have old, we have big, we have small, we have men, we have women, we have straight, and we have gay.  It’s all good.  This particular day we had a gentleman who was in his early twenties, let’s call him Roger.  He was openly gay, very flamboyant, funny and engaging.  It was his first appointment with us and I came into the hygiene operatory and introduced myself.  As I was performing my comprehensive examination with the assistance of my hygienist we got on the subject of orthodontics, braces and crooked teeth.  Roger regaled us in the dental history of his family, giving the details of his five siblings all requiring years of orthodontic treatment including braces and headgear.  He was particularly proud of the fact that he was the only sibling that never needed to have braces.  With his mouth wide open and me concentrating on the subtleties of my comprehensive examination, I responded to his proclamation by saying, “wow, you must have got the STRAIGHT jeans.”…did that just come out of my mouth!  Luckily I had concluded my examination, because honestly I couldn’t see at that point, my senses had all left me as my brain went into damage control mode.  After one fraction of a second of awkward silence, the patient and the hygienist both laughed and told me, “that was a funny one Doc,” to which I sheepishly grinned, taking the acclaim to the inadvertently funny quip, hiding the fact my blood pressure had instantly skyrocketed and sweat was dripping from my brow!

It has been just over a year since my last travel down “wish it could be, but probably never will be forgotten” memory lane.  Unbelievably these situations continually arise.  I believe there could be some pathologic condition that predisposes me to these occurrences.  However, until there is a diagnosis, or more importantly a cure, my sister will have a yearly entry for her blog, courtesy of her brother…guaranteed!

How To Improve Your Self-Worth

There are a few little changes you can make to help improve your opinion of yourself.  Some of us are over-confident, some not confident enough.  Here are a few tips to live a well- balanced, good life and to improve your self-worth:

1.)  Don’t judge others, this will come back to haunt your self-esteem.

2.)  Achieve something every day.  Big, small, doesn’t matter, just do it and check it off your list.  Accomplishments are good.

3.)  Be compassionate to others, but not so far as to pity them.  Nobody wants your pity.

4.)  Always be kind.  Have a kind heart, a kind mind, kind ears and a kind mouth.

5.)  Focus on being the best you can be, but don’t get too caught up in yourself.  Don’t be selfish, genuine interest in the world around you and the people in is a huge self-esteem boost.

Remove ‘NO’ From Your Vocabulary

NO is such a tiring word.  If you remove the word NO (within reason) from your vocabulary life opens up and rewards you in amazing ways!  Here are some ideas on how to do this:

  • Let things go.
  • You don’t always have to be right.
  • Don’t worry.
  • Try new things.
  • Make a concerted effort not to be stuck in your ways.
  • Don’t rely too heavily on others.
  • Create standards to live by, not rules.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  By saying YES you are liberating yourself to enjoy your life!